Your gifts, both small and large, make a big difference in the lives of the women and families we serve at Amethyst Place! We encourage you to be generous in sharing your financial gifts and resources to help us restore the lives and families of some amazing women. We know that giving to Amethyst Place is very personal and meaningful to you!

 There are many ways for you to help…from one-time gifts, monthly giving, larger gifts to support special projects and interests, special fundraisers, foundation grants, and more. Read the sections below and learn how to be creative in planning your gift while benefiting yourself as well! Did you know a gift of appreciated stock can save taxes and lower the cost of your gift? You can also make tax-free gifts from an IRA if you’re over age 70 ½ and/or name Amethyst Place as a partial beneficiary of your IRA, retirement account, HSA, or insurance policy now to help us in the future! Click here for more information about the benefits of giving through your IRA.

To learn more, contact Sarah Knopf-Amelung at 816-343-4937 or email sarah@amethystplace.org.

Monthly Giving

Monthly giving allows you to invest easily through an automated monthly gift of any size. Your contribution will be automatically charged to your credit card each month, and you may change or cancel your gift at any time. Visit this link to get started today!

Start Your Own FUNdraiser

Our community of supporters are very creative in all the ways they give back to Amethyst Place families, from donating proceeds from hosting yoga sessions, to donating proceeds from jewelry sales, to even listing us on their wedding registry.  You can campaign and help families in recovery too! It’s as easy as sharing with family and friends online. Spread the good news and start raising money now by visiting this link.

Stock Donations

Did you know that a gift of your appreciated stock to Amethyst Place is a much better option for YOU rather than giving cash or writing us a check? Stock gifts benefits YOU a lot more by saving you capital gains taxes and reducing the cost of your gift! Learn how stock gifts can help you be even more generous while enjoying tax and financial benefits for YOU by contacting Sarah Knopf-Amelung, at Amethyst Place at 816-343-4937 or sarah@amethystplace.org. If you’re ready to get started, click here to view the Stock Transfer Instruction Form. And click here for more information about the benefits of giving appreciated stock

Gift Planning

Your philanthropy should start with YOU… and the gift you consider making to help Amethyst Place the one that is most meaningful for YOU. Gift Planning is simple and FREE… and helps you find the BEST way for you to make a gift that benefits YOU as well as the women and families we serve.

A mix of cash gifts and appreciated stock save you taxes. You can also support the future of Amethyst Place by including a bequest in your estate plan, or perhaps making a beneficiary designation on your IRA, retirement account, or life insurance policy you may not need. Some of these gift ideas can be created online in about 15 minutes! Click here for 5 easy ways to make a planned gift. 

Contact Sarah Knopf-Amelung at Amethyst Place at 816-343-4937 or sarah@amethystplace.org to learn more about FREE Gift Planning to see how you can benefit by being generous to Amethyst Place!

Donor-Advised Fund Gifts

We gladly accept gifts from Donor-Advised Funds. Learn more by contacting Sarah at 816-343-4937 or email sarah@amethystplace.org

Planned Gift Intention Letter

If you would like to let us know about your planned gift commitment to Amethyst Place, click here for our Planned Gift Intention Letter form that can be printed and returned to us. We would love to say THANK YOU to you! 

Please return the form via email to sarah@amethystplace.org or mail to:

Amethyst Place

Attn: Sarah Knopf-Amelung

2735-A Troost Ave.

Kansas City, MO 64109


When you make a gift, you empower generations of women and children to achieve recovery, reunification, and resilience.

Help us build brighter futures today!

Contributions are used for the greatest operating and program needs.

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