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Amethyst Place is the product of community leaders banding together in 1989 to help single mothers and their children overcome damaging generational cycles of substance use. Due to lack of safe housing after treatment, these women had no choice but to return to the same communities where their substance use began, threatening their recovery and the stability of their families. Founded in May 2000 by task force members, Amethyst Place has filled this gap for over 24 years and has been home to over 384 families, including 742 children.

Our Noble Cause is to inspire transformational healing and empower generations of women and children to achieve recovery, reunification, and resilience. Entering our program, families are unhoused, most children are in foster care, and moms are in early recovery. Yet annually, through our long-term supportive housing program at 28th and Troost, we help over 150 women and children overcome the interconnected cycles of poverty, trauma, and substance use to achieve multi-generational impact. Our Supportive Housing Program provides safe housing through 37 fully furnished apartments and access to basic needs, with no maximum length of stay. Our Family Empowerment Program supports educational, career, financial, and wellness goals to help families overcome generational poverty. Finally, our Therapeutic Support Program helps families heal from past trauma, stabilize mental health, improve parenting skills, and build resilience.

Reunite, stabilize, and heal mothers and children experiencing houselessness.

Remove barriers and individualize services to promote sustainable recovery and healthy living.

Build capacity of families to overcome generational poverty and lead healthy lives.


When you make a gift, you empower generations of women and children to achieve recovery, reunification, and resilience.

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