A Campaign for Amethyst Place

Affordable Housing for Families in the Troost Corridor

Together, we can build more housing, in turn building up more women and children in our community. We are on a mission to construct 37 units and double our capacity and impact. Will you help us?

Lockton is a proud supporter of the work Amethyst Place does to support the healing of families. We recognize the tremendous results they have achieved to date – and more importantly are excited for the future expansion which will provide even more support to families on their healing journeys.

Peter Clune

CEO, Lockton

The Sherman Family Foundation is proud to partner with Amethyst Place. Nothing is more important for children than a stable home. Amethyst Place empowers women by providing them a home, teaching them financial literacy skills and supporting their personal/social development so that they may lead productive, independent lives and provide for their family. We are so proud of the work that Starla and all of the “sisters” do at Amethyst Place and encourage you to join us in our support of this expansion!

Sherman Family Foundation

As the Jackson County Prosecutor, I enthusiastically support Amethyst Place. This organization provides the needed building blocks for mothers and children to build a strong foundation and nurture strong bonds just like any other family. I’ve seen the results from Amethyst Place in the women who utilize their services. We need more of that.

Jean Peters Baker

Jackson County Prosecutor

As a female and business owner and single parent, it brings great pride to work on projects that make an impact in the community and in our children’s lives. Being able to work on a project for Amethyst Place where we are affecting the lives of women and children for the better brings more meaning to the work. I hope that by seeing more women in traditionally male dominated roles, the women and children helped by Amethyst Place can envision more options for their own future.

Monica S. Santos

Founder/President, Antella Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Reconciliation Services [RS] is a long-standing partner with Amethyst Place. Starla and her team are trustworthy stewards of their critical mission to bring hope and healing to families. RS is proud to support their #GrowAP campaign and would encourage everyone in the KC community to invest in this worthy project.

Fr. Justin Mathews

Executive Director, Reconciliation Services


Funds Raised

The time for expansion is now! We are thrilled to announce the #GrowAP campaign.

Over 40 families are consistently waiting for a safe home to reunify and overcome houselessness. Within these families are about 80 children, most of whom are separated from their mom until a spot at Amethyst Place opens. That wait is taking a year or longer

The time to grow is now, pandemic or otherwise. We were fortunate enough to secure land right next to our current campus thanks to the very generous support of donors. It is enough space to build 37 more units – nearly doubling our capacity. Our plan is to build 25 apartments, 12 townhomes, and greenspace for families to play. To fund this $15,400,000 project, we have launched a capital campaign that will leverage public and private sources. Construction will begin in Spring 2023.

We need supporters like you to help us bring this to fruition!

The Site Design

We will add 37 units of affordable housing, doubling our current capacity. The site will also have outdoor community space, a community room for programming, a fitness center, and offices for on-site services.


Donate now and empower moms and children. Contributions are used for the greatest operating and program needs.

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