Time is such a precious thing. Before, in my active addiction, time never really existed. It was more like a black hole that had only one end. From what I can say here today, from the growth of my kids and me living at Amethyst, time was a beautiful gift. I am 100% not the same person I was before I stepped foot in the courtyard. I could go on and list a million things that Amethyst has helped me and my kids with. Not only my kids, my family too. From programming to empowerment groups, therapy…getting down to the deep reasons of what was broken in the first place. Receiving only love and comfort and compassion to live a different life.

For the future, I plan on showing up for every softball game and every football game for my kids as they grow up. I am able to show up and be the mom they need.
As to my future career plans, I have thought about branching out of the bridal business. That was truly a recovery gift. I am using some creativity that I have displayed to enjoy interior design. How fun is it to discover things about yourself that you never knew before?
These are the results from a space that has helped me find a voice within myself that I will treasure forever. So time for me is now just beginning and I couldn’t thank the wonderful hearts of the women who work and are dedicated to helping families heal ❤️ I am forever grateful and will be visiting and continuing to attend meetings, programming, and keeping my spirits up!
Love you all so much always,