Meet Cheyenne, mom of Kodi (3) and Ezra (1). She recently experienced a job loss. Fortunately, she starts a new position as an administrator at an auto auction company later this month. In the meantime, she wanted to earn additional income to support her family.

Cheyenne comes from a strong family of auto mechanics . Growing up, her father taught her everything he knew about cars. It was at age 12 that she fell in love with bodywork.

“I knew that bodywork was what I wanted to do. Well, part of bodywork is interiors, and detailing. It’s super cheap for me to do, it doesn’t take up a whole lot of time, and I can do it just about anywhere.” Cheyenne started a mobile detailing business. Her initial clients have been other Amethyst Place moms.

“In my addiction, I ran around with my car just looking like trash all the time. But since I’ve been sober, I don’t want to look around and see my house or my car just looking dirty, you know? It’s about having pride in your things.

The moms here don’t have time to clean their cars half the time, especially with their kids running around. So, I tell them, you take the kids, I’ll clean your car. I start at $20 and accept tips.”

There is an innate entrepreneurial energy that is naturally found within many Amethyst Place moms. Part of this can be attributed to living in survival mode for such long periods. It can also be attributed to needing to find a pathway forward. Due to past justice system involvement, the barriers to furthering a career or education are more difficult to navigate for some. As we advocate to remove those barriers for Amethyst Place moms, we also strive to empower them and meet them where they are.

We’ve partnered with UMB Bank to provide introductory entrepreneurship classes led by Shanee Kimber, Vice President of Community Small Business Banking. In these classes Amethyst Place moms have learned how to create a business plan, find business resources, and how to choose the right business registration structure such as an LLC or S-Corp.

Equally important, they discussed establishing generational wealth for their children.

As of now, Cheyenne’s Mobile Detailing Service is a side hustle. “My dream is to one day have my own mechanic business.”

We’re grateful for the community partners and resources that help moms like Cheyenne dream again, and then turn those dreams into reality.