“My name is Tasha and I’ve been in recovery for about 16 months now.

Prior to this I was a drug dealer and prostitute.

I was in a bunch of really bad domestic violence relationships, even when I was pregnant with my youngest.

That’s all I’ve known for the last 14 years.

I heard about Amethyst Place when I lost custody of my middle son. I really wanted in, but COVID hit and Amethyst wasn’t taking anybody.

And then I found out I was pregnant with my youngest son.

I didn’t find recovery for myself at first. I wanted to keep my baby and I knew I was going into labor any day. So, I went into ReDiscover’s treatment program. Two days later I gave birth.”

Despite Tasha’s substance use throughout her pregnancy, she delivered a healthy 9-pound baby boy she named Ryan.

“I was for sure I wasn’t bringing him home and if I wouldn’t have brought him home, I wouldn’t be here right now. By God’s grace they let him come home with me. He was still a ward of the state, but he was placed in my care.

After that I found recovery for myself. I applied for Amethyst Place in July of 2021 and moved here in January of 2022. I didn’t think I’d make it this far, honestly. I haven’t looked back once.”

Tasha is the mother of three sons, ages 16, four and one. Tasha’s oldest child lives with her mother. Prior to and while living at Amethyst Place, Tasha fought a prolonged battle to regain custody of her younger sons, Thaddieus and Ryan, who moved in just 3 days after Tasha arrived.

She was granted full custody of them in June and July of this year.

“I got focused. I’m taking GED classes and I started CNA classes on the 22nd. In the future I’ll continue my education in early childhood development.

Like I said, I haven’t looked back. With each milestone I’ve completed, I see there’s unlimited potential for my life. So, what’s the point of looking back? To lose what I’ve already gained? That ain’t a possibility for me.

I have three wonderful, beautiful boys. My 16-year-old and I have recently made amends. I didn’t think that was going to go over half as well as it did. When we talked he said, ‘it’s okay mom. I don’t hate you. The best thing you could have done for me was to give me to my grandma.’

My mom put me through hell growing up…neglect, physical and emotional abuse, utilities off during the summer.  But, she did right by my son. He’s had a good life. So, I’m thankful for that. She and I haven’t made amends. I did, however, thank her for taking care of my child when I couldn’t even take care of myself. My son and I spoke the day before my birthday, so that was the best birthday present I could have asked for.”

Tasha’s journey of recovery and motherhood has been one of healing, redemption, and hope. She is shifting the narrative for her and her children and shares this belief for those who want to do the same:

“Never give up. I was at my wit’s end. I was for sure it wasn’t going to be able to keep my kids. But I found recovery for them. They always say recovery has to be for you. Don’t necessarily believe that. I didn’t start this out for myself, but I found recovery for me because of the miracles that I’ve seen along the way. Give it a chance once you do get into it. Don’t leave until the miracle happens. And trust me, you’re going to see more than one miracle.”

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